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Refuse To Be A Victim

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Millions Of People Are Victims of Crime Annually- Don’t Be One Of Them!

Safety experts agree the single most important factor in surviving a criminal attack is to have a personal safety strategy in place before it is needed.  The Refuse To Be A Victim® crime prevention seminar, a program of the National Rifle Association, is pleased to offer this easy-to-understand personal safety information to the Puyallup community. 

Refuse To Be A Victim® is a seminar full of crime prevention and personal safety  strategies you can use to develop your own safety plan.  In just four hours, you will learn about home, automobile, phone, technology, personal safety—and much more.


    Tickets for this class are NON REFUNDABLE

    Due to health risks pregnant women are not permitted on the range.

    The end time is approximate. Class may run longer.