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Tactical Pistol 1 2-12-17

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This 8-Hour course is designed to make you effective with your C.C.W. weapon in a real world critical incident.

 The course will start with developing the fundamentals of gun fighting. It is ideal for new or experienced shooters who have never learned modern combat shooting techniques. You will learn the essential fundamentals of combat shooting with realistic live fire scenarios that will instill confidence and a fighting, never give up mindset.

Our Tactical Pistol 1 course covers, but is not limited to:

  • Safety

  • Fundamentals of real world shooting

  • Combat distance marksmanship

  • Grip, Stance, Sight Picture, Sight Alignment and Trigger Control

  • Ready positions

  • Drawing from the holster

  • Shoot/no shoot target discrimination

  • Recoil management

  • Multiple shots

  • Engaging multiple targets

  • Real world defensive scenarios

  • Tactical use of cover/concealment

Shooters should expect to use approximately 400-500 rounds of handgun ammunition.

    Tickets for this class are NON REFUNDABLE

    Due to health risks pregnant women are not permitted on the range.

    The end time is approximate. Class may run longer.