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Tactical Pistol 2

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****All sign-ups can be scheduled through the instructors website:

This live fire 8-hour course is designed to add new real world conditions to your gun fighting skills, increase your speed and accuracy with your C.C.W., and build on Tactical Pistol 1.

Our Tactical Pistol 2 course covers, but is not limited to:

  • Safety

  • Recap of Tactical Pistol 1

  • Reloading under stress

  • Clearing malfunctions under stress

  • Moving and shooting

  • Finding and using cover/concealment

  • Engaging targets from various distances, positions and angles

  • Real world scenarios


  • Completion of Tactical Pistol 1, a previous combat course from a reputable school or instructor approval.

Shooters should expect to use approximately 400-500 rounds of handgun ammunition.

 For your safety: No tank tops, shorts, or open toe shoes. Minimum age is 16 and anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by their legal guardian.

    Tickets for this class are NON REFUNDABLE

    Due to health risks pregnant women are not permitted on the range.

    The end time is approximate. Class may run longer.